24.12.08 – 12.01.09 - "BEFORE AND AFTER". opens at 19.00 PM at the "OST" Gallery


24.12.08 – 12.01.09 - The recreation and sports complex "Olkhovka" and the "OST" Gallery present a new exhibition "The Christmas Mysteries" (Alisa Bubnova-Tsitsianova , sculpture, and Katerina Bubnova, photography) which opens at 19.00 PM.

7.09.08 – 17.09.08 - The recreation and sports complex “Olkhovka” and the “OST” Gallery present a new exhibition “My house, my street, my town”which opens at 19.00 PM.

OST Gallery
Moscow, Masha Poryvaeva street, 38
Tel. 8 926 233 9178

From August 20th until August 30th 2008 - The recreation and sports complex “Olkhovka” and the “OST” Gallery present a new arts exhibition of the art-group Coloris Vivendi (Daria Dmitrieva, Elena Dmitrieva, Boris Vilkov) and naive art painters (Natalia Rostova /from Rybinsk/, Barbe /from Belmes, Spain/ and others)

On August, 7th 2008 - The recreation and sports complex “Olkhovka”, project and the “chetyreche” studio present…

On July, 7th 2008 - The exhibition “Sentiments” opens at the OST Gallery. Elena Zemtsova – colored drawings and Nina Kisseliova - photographs

From May 23th until June 15th 2008 - Alice Bogoyavlenskaya’s “A house of urbanistic mirrors” (photos, collage)

On June, 6 th 2008 - A concert of the group JSP and an installation by Oleg Arnautov, an artist, are to take place at 20.00 at the “OST” gallery as part of the Festival “Spring will end in August”, dedicated to the 40th anniversary of the “Spring of Prague”

May 2008 - The gallery “Black & White” in New York makes friends with us. You can keep up with their news in the section “Our friends”

On May, 18th 2008 from 15.00 till 19.00 An installation “Freedom” was presented at Zverev’s center of Modern Art as part of ARTMOSCOW (project “The explanatory dictionary” by Oleg Arnautov and Vera Nekhlyudova. Studio “chetyreche”)

On May, 8th 2008 - "The explanatory dictionary" and its compilers in New York

April 25-27 2008 - The recreation and sports complex “Olkhovka” , the “OST” Gallery, the Studio “chetyreche” are to hold an exhibition “Oka-Tuning” by Boris Risenschtobel

From March 29th till April 11th - An exhibition at the OST Gallery “Playing at Classics"

On March, 5th 2008 - The sports and recreative complex "Olkhovka" and the gallery "OST" presented a project by Marina Fomenko "The Aliens"

On March, 1st 2008 - An exhibition of Serguei Bratkov’s “In pursuit of horizon” opened at the “Rigina” Gallery in Moscow

On February, 22th 2008 - An exhibition “Moscow-New-York=a display of a multi-board game” was opened in the museum Chelsea in New-York where a video by the artist Oleg Arnautov “Freedom as a citation from the explanatory dictionary of 2007” (author – O.Arnautov, producer – V. Nekhliudova, curator – Y.Berezner) was on show. All the displays of the exhibition belong to the world-famous collectors Tatiana and Natalia Kolodzei

On February, 13th 2008 - A new Sergey Arnautov's work of the project “9” was published

On February, 1-7th 2008 - The exhibition “The death of a boy named Petya and a girl named Lisa in two books” is to take place at the OST Gallery

On January, 18th 2008 - A presentation of prizes of the first contest “The symbol of the year” took place

On December, 17th 2007 - The authors-compilers of the art-project “Soul mirror. An explanatory dictionary” are hosted by the program “Marathon” (TV Company VKT)

On November, 23th 2007 - A soiree featured by Chinguiz Aitmatov, Yasen Zassursky and Zurab Tsereteli was held at the 10th Eurasian television forum in Moscow. Oleg Poptsov hosted the soiree

On November, 2-19th 2007 - Oleg Arnautov’s drawings in a show-room ¹ 11 “The Lavrushin Gallery” of the Central House of Artists…

On October, 15th 2007 - The opening day of an exhibition made of T. and N. Kolodzei’s collection “Moscow – New-York = a display of multi-board game” at the State center of modern art. At the exhibition among works by Eric Bulatov, Ilya Kabakov, Vitaliy Komar and Aleksandr Melamid, Lmitriy Krasnopevtsev, Vladimir Nemukhin there is a video-sequence of the video-installation by Oleg Arnaurov, an artist, “Freedom as a citation from the explanatory dictionary of 2007” (author – Oleg Arnautov, producer – V.Nekhlyudova, curator – E.Berezner)

The exhibition will be available until November 11th, from 12.00 till 19.00 (except Monday). Address: underground station “Barrikadnaya”, Zoologuicheskaya street, 13/2.

On October, 14th 2007 - The Mutan and its mutanites played at the cafe-club “Weather Report”. A presentation of a new issue of the magazine “FreeBMX”

On October, 12th 2007 - A presentation of the project “Soul mirror. An explanatory dictionary” at the journalism faculty of the Moscow state university

On September, 22-29th 2007 - The team of authors (Oleg Arnautov and Vera Nekhliudova) worked at international journalists’ festival in Dogomys. 16 video-conversations with legendary Russian journalists were recorded

On September, 20th 2007 - A presentation of the project “Soul mirror. An explanatory dictionary” at the international festival “Golden tambourine” in Khanty-Mansyisk

On September, 7th 2007 - “A fir-tree or a portrait of the year”

On August, 5th 2007 - Oleg Arnautov created an installation for a film by Grigoriy Ilugdin in a township near Moscow - Manikhino

On July, 27th 2007 - Oleg Arnautov's film "Shimon Okstein" was shown at the presentation of an exhibition of S.Okstein, an artist, at the Marble palace(Russian museum) in St.-Petersburg. Thus a new project "Portrait sketches" was presented. Directed by Oleg Arnautov, produced by Vera Neclyudova

On July, 16th 2007 - Dmitriy Aleksandrovich Prigov, poet, artist, one of the founders of Russian conceptualism, died on the night of July 16th , aged 66, at Moscow hospital ¹ 23

On May, 19th 2007 - sOnz and Mutan are to perform on the same stage

On May, 10th 2007 - the first presentation of a video installation took place on the exhibition ground of the "Factory Project"

On April, 19th 2007 - The photo reporting from shootings the project "The soul mirror". Conversations with V.Zhirinovskim, M.Arbatovoj

On March, 28th 2007 - A new demo-recording of the psychotheatroacouscic project “Mutan”

December, 2006 - A documentary project "The soul mirror" was launched

On December, 8th - The "Laurel" Prize. Oleg Arnautov presented a decoration based on projecting film-shots on the wall

On December, 7th 2006 - The presentation of the video-clip "Black Widow" by the group "The Decomposers" took place at the club "PODìîñêîâüå"

From 1st till 5th of November 2006 - Eurasian Teleforum

On September, 24th 2006 - "The Day of English translation"

On September, 22tn 2006
the mounting of a clip to the composition "BLACK WIDOW" was finished

On September, 10th 2006
a photo session of the group "The Decomposers" at the studio "Wildsound" - a photo for the cover of the magazine "Technology of a holiday"

On July, 20th 2006 - dressed Myth in the performance costume Nastya Belevich’s for his solo musical project

On July, 15-23th 2006
shooting of the video clip "The Decomposers" at the studio "Wildsound". About the clip was removed and you can see the clip in the program "CHEMUZONE"

On July, 11th 2006
continue of shooting "CHEMUZONE" while visiting the group "The Decomposers"

On July, 8th 2006
now it is possible to see the video project "NeTV" (2006)

On July, 4th 2006
the first release of the web-program "Che Muz One" (1-st part)

On June, 30th 2006 - company "MUREL" has issued a card with a photo of the "Stroll"

On June, 29th 2006
- at the biennial in St.-Petersburg the performance the "Stroll" (the project the "Paper") was again presented

On June, 26th 2006
- photo session of the performance the "Stroll" in Moscow

Till July, 30th 2006
- Oleg Arnautov's exhibition in the Central House of the Artist at Moscow (Gallery "Lavrushin" - hall 14)

On May, 17-21th 2006
- the beginning of shooting the web-program "CHE POST ART" on ARTMOSCOW 2006

On May, 16th 2006 -
our posters for the magazine "Rolling Stone"

On May, 15th 2006 -
Here he comes! One of those anonymous artists, whose art...

On May, 12th 2006 -
the animation prompt for the web-program "Che Muz One" was shot

On May, 11th 2006 -
shooting of the first web-program "CHE MUZ ONE" while visiting the group "The Decomposers"

On May, 10th 2006 -
the video-clip of the group "Mutan" - "HRrrr"

On May, 9th 2006 - "I shall ride my bicycle for a long time…"

On May, 8th 2006 -
the next photo work from the cycle the project "9" by Sergey Arnautov was published

On May, 3rd 2006
a photo session with "Lyaguha" (aka Frog)"

On April, 28th 2006
- on the mountain ¹69 the group "Mutan" meditated (performance "ÌU:DANCINGS")

On April, 21st 2006 -
And, here, is the fir-tree! The fir-tree which you can begin to decorate for the New Year to come on January, 1st...

On April, 18th 2006 -
MU:DANCINGS (a concert of the group "Mutan") in club the "Art Garbage"

On April, 18th 2006 -
installation of a miniature monument. The first temporary a miniature monument devoted to the studio "chetiyre che"

On April, 11th 2006
- Oleg Arnautov's pictures in the Central House of the Artist

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