On December 8th The "Laurel" Prize

Oleg Arnautov presented a decoration based on projecting film-shots on the wall.

"The Vassiliev's Theatre, considered to be the best in Europe, was in itself a beautiful decoration. The task was to draw "frescoes" on the wall and illuminate niches from beneath without spoiling the architecture of the theatre. Documentary shots had a decorative effect which in principle contradicts the essence of documentary films. But that was just what I wanted it to be. A subject repeated on adjacent walls had such effect. A large black-and-white grainy image falling apart and creating a great number of arches and a replica of itself In short, the effect of standing inside the imageIf it hadn't been for the orange light in the niches of the arches, the effect of dizziness couldn't have been prevented. And since it was me who did all the lighting with the help of skilled specialists of the theatre, I managed to make the picture laconic and not banal" (Oleg Arautov).

Air time of the "Laurel" by the STS broadcasting company on January 19th.