A video installation "LIFE and DEATH, as two terms from the Explanatory dictionary of the post-Soviet man"

On May, 10-th 2007, at 19.00 - The first presentation of a video installation took place on the exhibition ground on the "Factory Project". The director of the "Factory" Assya Leonidovna Filippova declared the exhibition opened. The curator of the project - to-be-presented "the explanatory dictionary of the post-Soviet man" Evgene Berezner (deputy director of the Moscow modern art museum) called the authors geniuses... and said many a complimentary words in their credit. Vera Nekhlyudova (producer and co-author) told about the plans of gaining home and foreign overseas virtual grounds. Oleg Arnautov (author, director and designer) thanked all those who had helped to carry out the project and all those who helped to develop it further on... TV men spotted newsmakers in the crowd... Those who didnt speak ate olives, but never the less many more of them watched the video... The video installation was accompanied with an improvisation by the group "MUTAN" that had recorded a special soundtrack for this video installation.

The video installation as it was.

Two pavilions of white cloth, two video-projectors... One of them shows video-interpretations of "Life", the other of "Death". The recording of fifty people is circuited... Only having entered the circle one could hear what the characters were talking about. Outside the pavilions there were texts explaining these words-notions from scientific point of view... Outside the pavilion voices and sounds got mixed and meaning got lost in the hum...