On March, 5th 2008 The sports and recreative complex "Olkhovka" and the gallery "OST" presented a project by Marina Fomenko "The Aliens".

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"Loneliness in a strange world, attempts to penetrate it, getting in touch with others are the stages to be passed through by those who differ from us: "strangers", "aliens". Often people with different opportunities, limited or exaggerated, become "strangers". Even in case of artificial changes (constrained function of sight or movement, for exemple),an area of estrangement is generated around the people".
Marina Fomenko

"Marina's works enchant me. They always give a sensation of mystery. The sensation being unvoiced which we are not in condition to express by words and can not understand. It's somewhere before our understanding ... And that's like music that needs us to be in and can originate the most different ways of interpretation."
Oleg Arnautov - curator of exhibition