Exhibition at the "OST" Gallery

April 25-27 2008. The recreation and sports complex Olkhovka , the OST Gallery, the Studio chetyreche are to hold an exhibition Oka-Tuning by Boris Risenschtobel (Feodor Malov), curator Victor Skopets.
More than fifty projects will be presented at the exhibition:
Oka-XXL, Oka-Stealth, Airport birds desrtroyer made on the basis of Oka, Oka-bus etc., a film about the chief designer of Oka-Tuning Boris Risenschtobel.

The exhibition opens at 20.00 at the "OST" Gallery on April 25th admission free.
On April 26th and 27th visiting ought to be pre-arranged:
Oleg Arnautov - 8-926-233-9178, arni-art@yandex.ru