24.12.08 12.01.09 - The recreation and sports complex "Olkhovka" and the "OST" Gallery present a new exhibition "The Christmas Mysteries" (Alisa Bubnova-Tsitsianova , sculpture, and Katerina Bubnova, photography) which opens at 19.00 PM.

OST Gallery
Moscow, Masha Poryvaeva street, 38
Tel. 89262339178
, 8903268 51 20

The Christmas Mysteries

When the sisters were children they decorated a Christmas Tree. They grew older and became artists. But the Christmas remained the cause to meet each other and to have a holiday. Alisa Bubnova-Tsitsianova will rejoice you with the sculptures of fairy creatures from papier-mache; you know, the ones that visit the children in the good dreams, and that's why it is the great joy to meet them outside the magic dream world. Katerina Bubnova make collages, or rather multicoloured paintings woven in Photoshop from the multitude of precious quotations: the world museums, the cathedrals, the favourite places in Paris, Moscow and America. At Christmas Katerina presents her two projects, The Earth and The Christmas Mysteries. Despite the different themes and images they have very much in common: the upturn from the Wither to the Spring, the Sun, the Joy of the Holyday which is always a supernatural light encased in the brown covering of the Earth or the gothic cathedrals.